DJ Swingbeats

From £850

DJ Swingbeats is a versatile DJ who is confident with any genre, but best known for his eclectic electro swing DJ sets, where he seamlessly blends the charm of 1920s-1940s jazz & swing with twenty-first century beats and bass.

With decades of experience under his belt, DJ Swingbeats crafts unforgettable experiences behind the decks, and is equally at home DJing House & Garage, Hip Hop & RnB, Funk, DnB, and whatever else fits into the melting pot. Gone are the days of passive playlist shuffling, with DJ Swingbeats you get a real open-format DJ who likes to have fun and knows how to move a crowd.

His signature sound has secured him a spot as one of the leading electro swing DJs with gigs at festivals such as Boomtown, Shambala, Nozstock, Beat Herder, Secret Garden Party & Glastonbury; as well as seeing him playing clubs all across Europe and beyond.