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Kausary are one of Europe’s best-known Andean bands. They boast an exciting, expressive and talented line-up that will enchant any audience. With their sounds of Latin America, it is music for the heart and for the feet!

Formed in 1995 in the UK, Kausary has a repertoire of traditional Andean and contemporary Latin sounds. Styles typical of the Andean highlands, coastal lowlands, Amazon basin and forest. They can also play Cuban music and all these styles are played with a depth of emotion that is unrivaled.

Kausary in Quechua (the Andean language) means ‘To Revive’. 

As suggested in their name Kausary promises to revive the Andean culture through their music so that we can feel its universal message. From Peru, Kausary dress in colorful costumes and present their music and instruments with phenomenal skill and a big heart.