Top Tips for Booking a Harpist for your Wedding Day

Booking a wedding harpist is something that can elevate your wedding day from incredible to unforgettable – just imagine walking down the aisle to the serene sounds of your favourite song, played on the most romantic of instruments. 

But there’s more to think about with a harpist than just the music, take it from professional harpist Harriet Flather who has performed at over 300 weddings! Having a think about these six tips can seriously lower a harpist’s stress levels on the day! 

1 – Inside/outside

If you’re planning on spending your wedding day outside, including your ceremony, then consider how your harpist will fit into this. We harpists are, understandably, very cautious when it comes to playing outside because too much sunlight, and equally any rain(!), are very bad for the delicate instrument. 

As a general rule, if you would like your harpist to play outside, cover is pretty much a non negotiable, along with hard standing ground being preferable.  

wedding harpist playing any a ceremony
Photography: Gina Fernandes

2 – Access

You might have noticed that moving a harp around is not an easy thing, so make it as simple as possible for your harpist! If there’s a lift, make sure your harpist has access to it; and if your venue has lots of steps, ensure there’s either someone around to help, or ramps. 

Parking also needs to be reserved for your harpist, having to wheel a harp through a huge car park is not ideal! 

3 – Consider the type of music you would like

If your vibe is Ibiza club nights or endless dancing, then a harp probably isn’t for you. But if you like something a little more relaxed, think Bridgerton vibes and book a harpist! Most music works perfectly on the harp, but if it’s something that relies heavily on a beat, then it’s probably not suitable. 

4 – Number of guests

While some harpists can provide amplification, the harp is essentially a quiet instrument. This means that it won’t be heard above a certain number of guests, especially if they’re also sitting down to their wedding breakfast. I always recommend no more than 50 guests for a wedding breakfast if you would also like a harpist to be heard! 

5 – Children! 

Sticky fingers, natural curiosity and overexcited children do not mix well with a harp! I always find my stress levels go from 0-100 when there’s a lot of children running around at a wedding. I am more than happy for children to come and look at the harp (but not touch), and always prefer their parents to be with them. Harps are incredibly delicate (although they may look robust) and can easily be knocked and damaged by unsuspecting children! 

6 – Make sure we’re happy!

Photography: Jennifer Amy

As with any supplier, make sure we have everything we need to allow us to do our job to the best of our ability. Most musician’s contracts will ask for soft drinks as required, so make sure the bar/caterers are aware of this and won’t be charging me for my orange juice and lemonade! Making sure an usher is on hand to help carry things to and from the car is also a godsend!

This list may sound like I am not doing everything I can to dissuade you from booking a harpist, but thinking these six points through will help make sure that your harpist has the most stress free day possible, meaning their performance is going to be next level! 

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