Why do live bands charge what they do?

The pricing of live musicians and bands for events can vary significantly based on several factors. The guide below outlines these factors in further detail but do get in touch with us for more information.

Band Size

The number of musicians in the band is a crucial determinant. Larger bands with more members generally charge higher fees.

Experience & Reputation

Established and renowned musicians or bands with a proven track record often command higher fees compared to lesser-known or emerging talents.

Duration of Performance

The length of the performance, including the number of sets and total hours, can impact the pricing. There will be a minimum charge regardless of how short a time the musicians are required.

Travel & Accommodation

If the event requires the band to travel to a different city or country, travel and accommodation expenses may be factored into the pricing along with transfers and expenses.

Equipment Requirements

Bands may charge extra if they need specific equipment or instruments for the event.

Peak Seasons & Demand

During peak event seasons or times of high demand, musicians and bands may charge higher fees.


If the client requests special song arrangements, specific genres, or personalised performances, the pricing might be adjusted accordingly.

Additional Services

Some bands may offer additional services like DJ sets or sound engineering, which can affect the overall cost.


Prices can often be negotiated based on the specific needs of the event and the flexibility of the musicians or band.

Good professional musicians for events have spent many years training to master their art. The maintenance of their instruments and equipment, the cost of insurance and the time spent practising for events is also a factor taken into account when you hire a professional.

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